1st Round Robin Tournament (2200+)

I am currently looking to play a strong robin tournament. The way it works is that there are 10 players that play against each other. We will play one game per week. Time control: 60+30 probably.

We will communicate on slack or discord, something like that, where we will have our own group.

This can be very good practice. Requirements: 2200+ in Blitz and rapid, and you have to be able to play one classical game per week.

Who would like to play? (Has to be 2200+ in rapid OR blitz).

I'd prefer to do this on Discord, if it's ok with you and Nikestale. I can set up a server for it.

Hi, I would like to join aswell, prefering Discord aswell.

I was 2200.
With a bit grinding i can get up there again.
Then I will join.
When I join I might cover my games on Twitch as well (if that is ok with you guys)