1.e4 or 1.d4?

1 ...h6

No matter what white plays. It's a killer.

I honestly prefe e4 games than d4 games i think theres more dynamics in e4 systems with d4 its usually queens gambit i guess i play whatever d5 g6 is called aa grunfeld im bad with the names._

How do you not know any good response to D4? You're a 2300 + player, sorry but I refuse to believe that. Surely you have some opening knowledge of the KID, or grunfield, or QGD, or something.

@ChessAndGirls nice to know you two go together.... there aren't enough girls playing chess these days.

PS: shout out to Judit Pulgar

@ChessAndGirls I know "chessandgirls" are your interests, but I was twisting it to pretend you were making a social statement encouraging girls to play chess. I knew I was wrong, I was being mischievous. I'm like that...a pain in the arse.