1. d4 g5

If Stockfish could respond, it would say - accept the gambit and enjoy the advantage.

@Mate_On_f7 1. e4 e5 2. Ke2!! Ba3?! 3. Ke3!! Ke7 4. Kd3!! Kd6 (best try)
5. Kc4! b5+? 6. Kxb5! c6+?! 7. Kc4 Qa5? 8. Kd3?? Kc5??
9. b4+!! Kb5 (forced)10. bxa5 Ka6 (the king must retreat in fear) 11. Kc4! Kb7 12. f3!! (Unbelievable waiting move, forces black bishop to move) Bb2
13. Kc5! Bxa1? 14. Kd6!! Nf6 (forced) 15. Ke7!! Rf8 (forced) 16. Kxf8 And white wins.

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