Why is Stockfish favoring my opponent (White)?

I'm writing this after looking at the analysis. If we're going by the engine, I totally missed Bg4 in move 7, blundered with Kxd5 and till the moment my opponent blunders and gives me checkmate they're given very high scores. But even they didn't blunder and went again with a move the engine recommends (I used the "learn from your mistakes part" in my opponent's perspective and both Bishop and Knight to d2 were good answers!?) as black I still have Bh6 and I wither win the game or capture the white queen eventually!

Am I missing something , and since it's almost 2 am that isn't likely, or did I cause a glitch? It is looking with 23 depth after all

after bishop h6 ur opponent could move the queen e5 and after all the trades he will be up a rook.or he can capture ur rook after bishop h6 then he has 2 rooks and a knight for a queen

13 Bd2 Bh6 14 Qxd8+ and 15 Bxh6 wins for white

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