Why did we get a draw in this game?

Hi guys,

I played with my dad and an auto draw was triggered at some point. Could you clarify us why did we get it in the game? Black were 1 move away from checkmating white (yes, they overlooked that checkmate 2 moves before the draw, but then they figured it out).

"Claim draw on threefold repetition automatically" setting was set to "when remaining time < 30 sec" but we did not manage to find 3 repetitions.

Thank you.


The same position occured after moves 33, 35 and 37, hence draw by treefold repetition of the same position.


There is a threefold: after white's moves 33, 35 and 37 the position is identical. Edit: I was too slow and tpr got here before me.

Weird Stockfish bug: the computer analysis says the final position is mate in 4 for black, and local analysis backs this up. But black has a mate in 1: R8c2#

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