Why did this ended in a draw ?

Hi, I have just played this game and I don't get why it ended up in a draw, I definitely could have played better ( I could have marched my h-pawn to promotion to worry the opponent) but still why was it a draw ? There wasn't the 3 repetition I think

Here is the game

I was playing as black

Thank you


It was a repetition from moves 30 (Qa5), 32 (Kb2), 34 (Qa5) by white.

Be careful, it doesn't have to be the last three moves.

Thank you very much, now it's clear. I thought that repetition happened only by moving the same piece in the same position in a row with your opponent. Instead it's about the same position in the chessboard and as you said it can happen anytime

We have a related difficulty in the Go community, in which there are about five major rulesets (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, AGA, and Ing) which are all slightly different.

The Japanese use a rule called "ko" which prohibits a position from being repeated the next move. But the Chinese use "superko" which prohibits the position from being repeated for the whole rest of the game.

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