what kind of dumb puzzles does have?

I just signed on to that site and I'm given this puzzle in the tactics trainer

with the following comments
Black to play

1...Rc3+ 2.Kg4?? (2.Kf2 Rc2+ 3.Ke3 Rc3+ 4.Kd2 wins for white) 2...Rc4+ 3.Kg5 Rh4!! 4.Kxh4 g5+! The black king can now stop the white h pawn and, meanwhile, he will be able to queen one of his own passed pawns. This game is believed to be a swindle by Emanuel Lasker (black).

I hurt my brain trying to find a win for black gRRRRR! What kind of puzzle training are they doing where the solution hopes that the opponent does a blunder. I don't even see how someone at that level could do such a blunder when even I saw very quickly that 2.Kf2 was the obvious continuation for white. Wow, dumb.

It's Puzzle #19 in case anyone was curious or doubtful.

this is called a "swindle." This means you change the outcome of the game from a blunder. That is what occurred here.

First off that's not what a swindle is. An obvious blunder does not count as one.
Secondly the button I clicked on to get there was not labeled "Swindles" it was labeled "Puzzles".

If the solution to a puzzle involves you saying that your opponent will make a specific blunder that you pick for your convenience then I and anyone else can solve the hardest puzzles in the world easily. There is no such thing as a difficult chess puzzle. At that point what even is a chess puzzle anymore? RIDICULOUS.
I've heard five year olds in chess videos defending their solutions to puzzles to the teacher correct because 'if the opponent does this then I can do that' and the teacher has to explain the concept of best defense to them and that your solution must meet it to be correct. Apparently KC needs to go to one of those 5 yo classes.

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