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  3. Weird Tactical-ish Game

This was a rapid game (most of the time I play classical, but I threw this game in for fun), so the moves played weren't as accurate as they could have been. I do my best to provide comments of what I was thinking during the game.

The opening was a bit strange, with my opponent (white pieces) playing quite defensively. I'm pretty sure my move Bb5 was a mistake that I played too quickly, but I won a pawn on the next move so at that point I felt like I had something to work with.

m16: I played Qe7 to connect my rooks and also keep defending my f6 knight. I would have preferred my pawns nice and neat, but I'm not sure if my bishop would be better on e7 than my rook. I played Bd6 at the start because I didn't think he'd be attacking my f6 knight but here he is.

m18: I'm quite happy with my Bc6 move- I have control of the only open file and I've closed off all other files for my opponent. In the endgame I can make use of my passed pawn.

m20: I played Qb4 too quickly and missed my knight on f6. Oh well.

m22: "When in doubt or when you have the option, play in the center!" I tried to implement this with my moves and it did seem to show possibilities. I was probably caught up with my opponent's ideas later on in the game.

m23: I wasted this move here. My idea was to play Rg8 and attack on the g-file and try to get rid of my weak pawns. However this idea is quite complicated. I know this is the wrong idea but what is a correct one?

Around m30, I feel like I'm probably able to get my rook and queen somewhat active, but I don't know how I should get my Bc6 into play. He's not really doing anything.

m31: Now that he's moved that knight, I have kind of found a new plan; attacking the d3 pawn. I will put my bishop on a6.

m39: Now I'm feeling somewhat flustered with my king in the open. I'd like to trade queens.

m46: Now that I've traded a bunch of pieces, my extra pawns will win the game for me. I'll play b5-b4 and get my rook behind the passed pawn.

I appreciate feedback and criticism. Thanks and Happy Checkmating!

@FunnyAnimatorJimTV #1
Nice finishing touch with 57...Rc8+ and 58...Rc1

You were better throughout the whole game. However, you neglected the safety of your king. You should have stopped his attack with g5 by playing the preventive ...h6. If he had found 41 Qc5+ you would have found it difficult to run out of his checks and win.

Congrats! A really nice game, I wanted to recommend you some things, at move 4 Bd6 is premature, we would prefer playing c5 first because we dont know the where is the best position yet, but for the pawn yes. At move 5 and 6 you should play c5 better, if he develops the knight to e2 his bishop would be trapped. At move 18 Bc6 was premature, your opponent didnt want to use the c column, u should played that when he played like Rc1. Also the pressure the bishop was doing to the pawn was a constant pressure. At move 23 probably was better Kf8! going to the center, you would have 3 columns to choose while your opponent 2 and one of them your bishop could block. At move 34 Qc5+ wasnt needed you could better played dxe4 and try to change queens. At move 38 better fxg5 and if Nxg5, Ra4 is winning, you can check in the h column and the queen of your opponent cant do check. The rest of the game you played really well and your opponent made mistakes. Congrats for your game!

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