Very enjoyable game that unfortunately I lost

Hey everyone! In this game, I lost on time against a better opponent. I was very low on time and in the final moves I could not find the correct defense. After the game was ended in which I lost on time, I was surprised to see that I was actually winning. In the game I though that I would either sacrifice my Queen or I'll get mated in 1. It seems that Kf8 solved my problems...but with 6 seconds remaining on the clock, I could not see it.

Final result aside, this was a very enjoyable game and it is one of these losses that didn't matter at all. On the contrary, games like these can be very helpful.

This was a 10+10 time control game. So you had 10 seconds to find 41...Kf8. What other move did you consider during your 10 seconds?
You could have finished off your opponent with 26...d2, when you still had 6 minutes.

@tpr Well, I got a bit tunnel vision and I focused on Kf8 being mate in 1. I also saw Be5, but it didn't improve my position. The actual best move came to me after I put the computer evaluation and I saw a -4something that shown that I was winning. Then I immediately saw the correct move, but it was too late.

26...d2 is indeed a brilliant move, I like it. And quite stylish too.

26...d2 is quite logical. The pawn is very strong, almost threatening promotion. You gave that up for nothing.
41...Kf8 is the only move. Even if you cannot figure out what happens or who is better, you have no other alternative than to play it and see what happens next.

That is really cool, this might sound of no interest to you, but how do I improve my positional chess otb, , and my tactics, and also otb when I know I am better, I mess up and blow the game, how do I fix this

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