This is not 1500 level play people.

I once had 7 pawns and a queen to a 2000 rated bots King and 1 pawn. I wanted to make 8 queens but I was afraid I would blow it and let it get away with a stalemate, so I only made 3 queens and quickly mated it.

Wait, what?! It is 1700 rated bullet?!
And ya, it was a huge blunder

thanks for letting me know about the BOT.

I beat it in Rapid.....but typical computer game...... close, they blunder....

seemed more than 1600....but I think it was 1540 when I beat it..... who knows.

No, this is 1300 playing because after bc4 simply move qe8. Problem solved white lost one Knight.

It looks a bit like 1500 with insufficient opening knowledge. I think I would've done the same at move 1, 3 and 4.