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Somewhere I have heard that the russion school of tennis maintains that don't gobble up pawns with your queen in opening instead of development.

From one of my rare games and humiliating loss against a Fide master I took that my problem was that I could not play my ds bishop. So in this games I played it out early, just to let black gobble up a pawn that I left undefended. ( In my system I almost automatically take that knight, but normally first playing c3, Qc2. )

But it turned out to be poisoned, proving the russion school of tennis has merit. Moves to punish lack of development came almost as natural:

@lishadowapps After a predatory raid, the Highlanders always lock themselves in their fortresses. Learn wisdom from nature.
Nimzowitsch wrote: consolidate your position, consolidate ...

You're higher rated than I, so take as you will, but it's not a poisoned pawn.

Black's position is clearly winning, probably in-fact "won" at GM/Engine level of play, until the anti-positional 12. ... e5?