SF question

@NeW_ChEsS_KiNg #2
Thanks for the suggestion, that makes sense regarding the weird looking castling.
But this position is from the game Troitzky - Vogt, St. Petersburg 1896 that I've taken from a book.
I have used their FEN and put it in a Lichess study. I didn't see any chess960 option, nor "castling no longer allowed". I guess next time this happens I better use the build in board editor in Lichess study and disallow any castling ?

Why does the book even have a FEN? And why would they include carefully selected (only white kingside) but still obviously incorrect (given that the game predates Chess960!) castling rights?

Everything is secretly Chess960 on Lichess, except for Antichess and Racing Kings (which don't have castling).

So it must have been Lichess that cleaned up KQkq into just K by eliminating the castling sides that didn't have rooks.

You can replace it with "-" for no castling rights.

it's a draw without castling isn't it?

Lichess is going by the rules of chess i think, as castling is not possible if the king has moved, if this is from board editor, and you said white can castle then the computer will automatically think it is chess 960.