Rook Endgame

43...Rh4+ is amazing!

Although 56.Ra7 is still losing. Black just has to move his king up to e8, his pawn to e7, then Ra1! with a discovery.

@AACtrl Yes, 43...Rh4+ was truly amazing.

By king to e8 and pawn to e7 I guess you mean e1 and e2. But when the Black King gets away from e pawn for one step (...Ke2), White will attack the pawn via Re7 and then push their pawn to a7, after which it is a dead draw.

@AACtrl I think it is a simple win after 8...Kd2 instead of Ra5 in your study. So it is "just has to" :)

... Ra5 is a bad move. No chance of winning that pawn on that square. 51 ... Ra3 is bad. 51 ... Rg3+ and then Rg6 allows you to get behind your own pawn, or if white switches rook to h-file, then you go to a-file.
The simple thing to remember, even in a blitz game, is that you want to trade the h-pawn for the a-pawn, any way you can. Your e-pawn, with the king as usher, will win the game (as it did)

@sparowe14 I agree with you except for one point. Ra4 has nothing to do with winning the pawn, It just keeps the White rook passive.

43.. Rh4 of course better Rh3?
it's blitz game
29... Rd4 is natural move
ıf white play 33. g3 what is your plan?

@turkiyem021 Selam

After 33.g3 I'd probably continue playing in the same manner. Now all the pawns can be attacked, not only g2.
Yeah, 49.Ra8 was more natural, I'd play Rc3+ and h3 probably.