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  3. POLMORPHY - Rate my chess :)

Guys, Im an average player and I want you to give me some feedback about how I played this game.

Any comment about style, or analisys from you will be much appreciated to see how I can improve myself.

This is the game:

Thank you!!

Your 5...d6 is careless. He can play 6 d5 and you have a gaping hole at e6. 5...e6 intending 6...Be7 is more prudent.

11...O-O loses an exchange due to the hole on e6 as a result of your 5...d6. You could save the exchange with 11...Bc8, but that is a tell tale of something gone wrong before. It is a typical theme in the Dutch Defence: as you played 1...f5 you have moved the natural defender of square e6. If you then also move the d-pawn you have to worry about square e6. Normally Bc8 then covers that weak spot, but with 3...b6 and 4...Bb7 you have removed this 3rd defender as well. You can play either ...f5, ...d6, ...g6 where you leave Bc8 to defend e6, or you can play ...f5, ...b6, ...e6, but not a mixture of both.

At the end of this 30+5 time control game you have 27 minutes left on your clock i.e. you played as it it were a 4+4 time control. You should think more about your moves, especially at the start of the game. If you had considered carefully, you might have realised that ...f5, ...b6 and ...d6 do not go together in harmony. You opponent committed many mistakes, allowing you to win nicely, but a stronger opponent probably would not have left you off the hook.

#2 @tpr
"You should think more about your moves, especially at the start of the game."

You should be prepared and do not think at all at the start of the game. If you spend time in the opening, what will you do in the middlegame?

People always want to improve by posting one of their best games here. The stockfish analysis already told you that your opponent was the one who blundered this game. You did well considering the suggestions in #2. It is human to strive for praise but more effective to determine your weaknesses.

Or to quote Capablanca:
"You may learn much more from a game you lose than from a game you win. You will have to lose hundreds of games before becoming a good player."

Thank you so much for your feedback guys.

Guys, this is another game where I played a much stronger player. I think this is my best game so far... Even STKF says so :)

I beg to disagree.
5...h6? is a weak move, that does neither contribute to piece development nor to centre control.
6...Bg4? is a blunder. He can just take your central pawn 7 exd5.
8...d4? passes up the opportunity of 8...Nd4 with 9...Nxc2 to follow.
10 cxd4? is a blunder that forces you to play the good move 10...Nxd4, that you missed 2 moves before.
After that the game is over.

@tpr thank you for your feedback. I missed 8-Nd4 absolutely right.

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