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Did I did well in this game attacking the castled king or there was any better plan?

(At the end I lost the knight because of time pressure, don't judge me)

@PrometheusAbsox Probably, it's not logical - to remove the queen from the board, and then try to organize an attack on the wing of the king. In the end, it is known that exchange pieces often facilitate protection. It is difficult to advise something when the opening is not connected with the middlegame.
P.S. And do you speak Russian?

Antarctica? Wow

As said above, theres no point in really attacking without the queens, unless you've got a clear initiative or something VERY concrete, try getting middlegame advantages by using technique, not attacking

9 Qa4 is not the right idea and only leads to equality.
Later you got a winning position, not because of attacking, but because you won a pawn.
35 Ne6+ is still enough to win. He has a bad bishop and you can install your knight on c5.
What time trouble are you talking about? It was move 35 and you still had 1 minute left in this 5+0 game. At the same pace as the previous moves you could have played 9 moves. Bullet players play a whole game in 1 minute. Do not let the fear of losing on time induce you to play hasty, bad moves that lose the game on the spot.

Let's summarize: it's better to have a bad plan in your head, than to play without a plan. :-)
It is necessary to be able to connect the opening with a further game plan. But such skills are acquired slowly. Learn the game of masters. Give your attention not to many openings and go deeper into your studies before the endgame.

Thanks everybody for your answers! Specially to you @ujcn you are a very kind and good coach. Btw I dont speak russian. I'm a Spanniard.
@soni777 you can choose the country that will be shown in your lichess settings :)

@PrometheusAbsox Thank you for the flattering assessment of my attempt to teach chess. I'm not a professional coach, but I have a rich experience of independent study of chess, reading literature, communicating with masters, as well as participating in tournaments. We will continue, if you will, our communication through translation.

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