My win against an FM

I played very well and i managed to win against an FM in a simul with the white pieces. I recommend to you to always keep the initiative with the white pieces, i am sure that keeping the initiative helped me to win this game :

Well done. His 12...exf4 gives up his center and allows you to attack with 15 e5. Instead he could have won a pawn with 12...f6 13 Bh4 exf4, as you cannot capture 14 Rxf4 because of the fork 14...g5. So in retrospect your 12 f4 was no good, though it won you the game.

Welp, simul performance is always lower than against a single opponent...
I won against a 2400 because of the Englund-Complex gambit lol
1.d4 e5

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