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  3. My OTB Game with black (Gruenfeld , 32 ACPL )

lasted 2 hours and 40 minutes.
What are your thoughts ?

good game

After 6 Be2 I prefer to gain a tempo with 6...dxc4, but that is a matter of taste.
I do not get your 14...Ne7. I would prefer either 1
4...Na5 tot harrass his bishop or 14...b6 to develop your bishop. What is the idea of ...Ne7? The knight is not that useful on f5.
White made some mistakes and eventually blundered 32 dxe5 so it is a deserved win.

Can someone please explain the point of the exchange sacrifice?

2 bishops + 1 rook are often stronger in attack than 2 rooks + 1 bishop. The black rooks are not active. White should have taken 21 Nxh6+.
There was no good retreat for the rook. After 20 Rf4 black can play either 20...Qc6, or 20...Nd6 threatening 21...g5 with tactical chances. 20 Rg4 Nxh4 21 Rxh4 h5 is also better for black, as the rook is misplaced.

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