Magnus attacks IN the CENTER!!


I am ENG. ALEJANDRO RILINE, FIDE Candidate Master.

TODAY we will be analyzing a didactic game from the SPANISH OPENING, to see HOW to attack in the center with black pieces!
The selected game was played in the World Title Candidates tournament in 2013, between the great chess players: the strong player Peter Svidler and the world champion Magnus Carlsen.

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Chess is an universal language! Also, the video has English subtitles. Good luck!

@aaro73 Magnus has a central style so I don't think it is very special :C I understood some parts of what you said because you talked slow - but maybe you could use just easy spanish words such as "importante" and also put a sign/color in the screen for when it is a variant you show and when you continue showing the actual game. This way people with little knowledge of spanish could watch it too without getting headaches. Muchos gracias!

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