Low mistake long game I just played (~1400)


I think I haven't played that long of a game with so few mistakes (according to analysis) before. Nothing special, but it just felt good to look at the analysis after the game and see that I was able to inch myself an advantage step by step, going into the end game. I'm a bit bitter that all that effort was ruined by one nasty blunder on move 39 where I just gave away my passed pawn, that I should have been able to promote. Followed by another blunder on move 41, probably just out of frustration (or some weird logic that I can reach black's pawns after that rook trade).
Fortunately black also blundered by doubling up his pawns and I was able to convert it to draw by repetition, although I felt like I lost.

After 44...h4, it was a draw. The computer says it is -1.4, but you have a fortress. Also after 46...gxh3, it is a book draw because he has rook pawns

Yeah, I figured. I think I offered one on 49, but they wanted to keep trying.

Another thing that I really should have seen was the possibility of 20. f3. But I kept fixating on the fact that both my f and h pawns are defenseless and under attack. Not seeing that capturing the h pawn kinda locks in the knight. Although they would have gotten two pawns for that knight in that case, I would still have been cool with that.

A GM has already said: "the worst regret is the regret of chess."
Already another GM has said: "A bad move invalidates 40 good moves".

And I say, "Who ever?"

Congratulations anyway. It was a good game.

Yes 20 f3 was stronger, but your 20 Nd6 was still enough to win. It is only after you blunder your passed pawn that black has the winning position. He blunders in turn with ...h4 and the draw is a just result.

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