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  3. Kramnik/Karpov/Anand vs Dubov/Nepomniachti/Karjakin, casual game

The recent Tal Memorial found six chess personalities standing around a chess board with pieces on their starting squares. On one side were three world champions, Anatoly Karpov, Vladimir Kramnik, and Vishy Anand. On the other side were the young stars Danil Dubov, Ian Nepomniachti, and Sergey Karjakin. Kramnik moved first, then Dubov, Karpov, Nepomniachti, Anand, and finally Karjakin. A friendly casual tandem game ensued between the old guard and the new blood. Enjoy it below!

Disclaimer: Kramnik was on the *white* side in this game. Before you immediately close this window, please first take my assurance that a Berlin Defence did not appear on the board at any time during the game.

Study (with annotations):

Video (with more great highlights from the tournament):

Found courtesy of Chessbase:

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