Is this person really a grandmaster

This is the game I played against him in a simul. ( I am black)

his other games like classical games look suspicious too losing against low rated players.

Look at the opening, he just played for fun.

Profile says

Todor Todorov, Wesley Motoyama

The first is a GM, the second is a 10 year old kid rated 1400 FIDE. Which one played?

I didn't know that but I don't think it is right for a 1400 to play under an account that has a grandmaster title

1400 under a GM account is honestly pretty disappointing

How can they be notorious ? Most dont even know any bulgarians.

I know many, but if we talk about most, everybody knows about "FM" Borislav Ivanov.

more like omegalulz
nice, made me chuckle

Read the chat of this simul, the child wanted to join, obviously not the words of a GM :
He writes in French :

Allez messieurs
stpµµ (please sirs)
I am a GM as you
Normal jai pas d'elo (i don't have elo rating)
messieur le noob
Jai jamais jouer contre toi (i never played against you)
He has a team where he says : "Hello everyone, if you like chess the club is yours perfectly we invent a company with GM Todor Todorov and the champion of France of -8 and the 7th of Europe Wesley Motoyama."

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