Improvement - endgame

This is one of my games. I felt like I was playing decent moves but according to stockfish I was playing inaccuracies/mistakes every other move in endgame. How can I improve in these types of positions? Thanks.

The endgame is not the issue, it is your moves 11 and 16, which stockfish critisizes, but also the handling of the opening more generally. In the endgame the only hope was the opponent blundering, but he did not. Basically, you got outplayed. It happens.

You did not lose this game in the endgame, you lost after the opening. 11 Nd2? was wrong. It moves the knight for the 4th time while you still have 5 undeveloped pieces on their starting squares. Moreover you allow him to play the liberating push 12...d5 that rids him of his weak backward pawn at d6 and eliminates your strong central pawn e4. Nd2 hinders development of Bc1 and obstructs your semi-open d-file. You took only 2.5 seconds to play this strategic error with long enduring consequences.

development is the key in your game, you failed doing that.

yes you were lost into the endgame.. key points was at one point you moved your king away from the center kf3 i think it was .. generally bring king near the action to gobble pawns so you can free your rook to pin other things down... getting inside the square of the pawn is a good idea ... lucena and philidor you should brush up on and learn them

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