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Despite only having 1 mistake and only a few inaccuracies, my opponent played really well that at a point I was honestly scared of him. If he was able to avoid the checkmate, I would have likely to lose against him because of his extra pawn in the kingside.

nice, 14.Nxe5 its a bait. Black mistake in the end.

Play slower. You played too fast and your opponent even more.

Why 19 Rb2? What does the rook do there? Rooks like open files. Why not the obvious 19 Rd1?
What were you thinking?

Why 21 Nb1? Knight on the rim… Knights like central squares. Why not the obvious 21 Nd5? His knight stands badly on a3, knight on the rim…

Why 28 e5? You trade your strong central pawn for his backward weak pawn d6. You even lose your central pawn. Better 28 Qd3 admitting that 27 Qf3 were better 27 Qd3. On d3 the queen is active on the d-file attacking the weak backward pawn d6.