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  3. Help! Lost in the complexity of this French advance game.

Here is a recent 5 days/move game I played with the white pieces. I am a bit lost in the complexity of the middle game, and would love to hear the thoughts of a stronger player. I have started to add some of my thoughts to the study.

Also: would you have played on in the final position as black?

You got it right: 6 Bd3! and 8 h4!.
Here is an example of how to play this

Your final position is to resign for black especially in 5 days correspondence.

tpr, thanks a lot for the comments.

Evidently Qxh8 is even better than Qxh7 (with the goal of getting queens off with +2 pawns), because if black captures Qxg5 then the h pawn can't be stopped.

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