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So here is just a fun game i would like to share.

An interesting game indeed, as it reminds everyone to be watchful from the very beginning. You gained a considerable advantage when you pushed the d-pawn as far as d6, it forced your opponent into an uncomfortable position which was hard to get out of and it was also instrumental in the checkmate later on. As for your opponent, they shouldn't have pushed their king-side pawns forward so early in the game, that made the king's side weak as you proved with that brilliant knight sacrifice on move 7. Nxg5. Congratulations!

looks like 1100 Elo game

nice one

Good one. Really demonstrates the importance of following basic chess principles.

A proper 4...Qb6 would have ended this discussion.

My fun game is

wow nice!

@Irishman964 true. My opponent made typical beginner mistakes.


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