Does white have more than a draw here?

Sure, White has some initiative and devlopment for blacks two pawns. white probably does not enjoy playing down material and is a solid player that prefers balanced positions to squeeze out the opponent.

White has quite a few options to possibly secure a big winning position, but they are all defendable. It's just whether white see's them. If they do, then they play for them and if black doesn't see the defense then white can just take the draw later.

6. e4 would be a nice option.
Also, why a so early threefold repetition draw when no one is on losing side?
~ You can look for other alternate options. And I suppose you are intelligent enough to continue the game.
Also, since it was a Blitz game, there would definitely be mistakes especially with equally strong opponents.
So, the game should have been continued and one player would earn the win!

I don't think 6.e4 works because after 6.e4 Nxf4 7.Nc7+ Kd8 8.Nxa8 my knight on a8 is trapped and I would have a rook for two pieces.

But Stockfish evaluates the position as equal. I am just giving an alternative.
You have Stockfish analysis there, so better check what options does it provide.

@Akbar2thegreat stockfish only gives the position as equal because it can see that white can force repetition. Any moves that do anything other than repetition lead to white being given a massive disadvantage.

Black can't get out of the repetition by choice, and if white does so almost all moves lead to a loss.

The guy was just inquiring and keeps getting downvoted, lol.
6.a3 Nc3 7.Nc7+ Kd8 8.Qc1
or the book 6.a3 a6 7.Rb1 Qa2 8.Qc1 ab5 9.Ra1 are both good for White.

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