Convert my performance into FIDE rating

I never played in a tournament and I am very curious to know how much can I achieve in such competitions.

If anybody here is playing on FIDE please convert my strength based on this game that I think I played well:

Elometer is wrong, it says im 2100 rating but in reality im only 1550 OTB

#3: Jack, maybe you simply haven't unleashed your full potential yet OTB? Also your lichesss rating does quite match with 1550 Fide Elo.

I completed the elometer and I got an average rating, thats fine.

Maybe ratings doesnt mean too much but they can distinguish a beginner from an expert anyway.

#4 2800s on here are only 2300 OTB. It matches very well.

1300 FIDE and 1700 here, it matches quit well too.
And Elometer is not the good thing to know your rating.

Average FIDE rating is around 1200, here it's 1650 so basically it's a 450 point shift.

Average rating does not mean anything. Starting rating is different. ELO (what FIDE uses for rating calculation) is different from GLICKO2 (what lichess uses) and the player pool is different so there is no direct comparison that can be made between the two accurately.

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