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  3. Checkmate that I found beautiful

Hello, what do you guys think about this checkmate from an artistic point of view, with the bishop next to each other in the 8th rank?

I also have a more technical question. If we forget about the mistakes I made quite early and that my opponent did not see, after move 14 would you rather play white or black? The computer analysis seems to prefer black but I would be scared with the open file, the 2 rooks and the two bishops preparing an attack on the kingside.

You get some style points for your bishops on the 8th rank.
On your technical question, black is better after move 14. He is a healthy central pawn up. The rooks and the bishops are threatening indeed, but the centre is undecided and black has the strong defensive move ...Ne5. His 16...h6? not only gives you a pawn and a move, but weakens his defence instead of bolstering it.

Your opp overlooks a piece fork on move 11, 12 and 13.

After move 14 my reflex with black would be to get a Knight to h5 to stop the h-pawn. Then g-file doesnt look so scary any more. Black on the other hand can open files on queenside with b5-b4. Black can even allow bh6 and sac exchange on f8 with g6. hes still won. Thats how bad your position was ;-)


this is an interesting position. black has lots of moves to improve his position, white has not. His only idea is Qg5 but black has the tactical defence Qc7 and - once again - d4. His attack is faster.

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