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Anonymous #1

and then he sends a re match offer LOL

i cant see the game...

Anonymous #3

That's because there's nothing to see.

who are you talking about? who cheats? And show a proof of what you say...

anon, you have to click on replay/analyse; then copy/paste that link

the link you posted goes nowhere

I think Nikesh.s is using a bug which shows him online inspite he is offline. When i m clicking over his name in the ppl window, the page not found. Also, he is not visible in the online players list
while i m in a game with him. PLZ CHECK THIS:

dude what the fuck

this is teh link you want to use to replay and analyse

and posting this msg in every thread???

The problem with his name is that he is using a dot in it ( Nikesh.s ). http protocol thinks it is a subdomain and tries to point to it ( like .com, .eu,, etc ). This happens to everyone having
a dot in their names.

@mb, so wats ur prob?
@newyork, thanks mate, thibault also told me the same!!!

Range, the problem was that your message was reiterated over multiple threads

if it was simply a programming error, and not intentional, as i first suspected, i apologise if i caused any offence