Brutal game... any tips?

I know i'm a lower rank than you, but here's what I think (please correct me if i'm wrong): with Bxf3 and Nxe4 you started to attack before you were fully developed and castled, once the dust settled your opponent saw the oportunity that you left for him by not castleing first and took it. King's safety comes first and foremost. Cool game :)

EDIT: another comment: d6 is pretty bad if you don't take your bishop out first! Now he's stuck and very sad

On move seven, you should have captured with the knight instead of the bishop. Not only does it prevent white from winning back the pawn, after white recaptures the knight is still pinned, which keeps some tension. One other thing, you now see that it is pretty bad to let white get a pawn on d5; exchanging pawns on move four might have made things easier.

7: As a rule-of-thumb, you shouldn't release the pin before forced to make a decision, but taking with the knight is better as it cleanly wins the pawn.

9: The danger of opening the game before castling can be shown by Re1 winning the knight.

17: The power of the pin can be shown by Qxf8#, which also happens on move 19.

As everyone has said, the main problem is that you opened the game before castling. The secondary mistake was the weakening of the light squares by giving up you LSB. This is an ironic games as white's bad bishop is shown as a powerful attacking piece, by pinning the knight and suffocating the king.

7...Bxf3 was wrong. 7...Nxf3 and now either 8 gxf3 Bh3 with attack for you, or 9 Nxf3 Nxe4 with gain of his central pawn.
You used 42.8 seconds on the move, which should be enough in a 10+0 game. So you miscalculated. What were your thoughts? Why did you prefer 7...Bxf3 orver 7...Nxf3? Would you have found 7...Nxf3 after more thought? You had 1 minute spent, so you could have thought for a few minutes more. Would that have helped you?

Exchanging your Bishop for his knight to win a pawn was a grave strategic mistake, it may have even been part of his plan for you to do gave him the 2 bishops in an open game with your king stuck in the middle 2 moves away from castling...a sustained attack is inevitable

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