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  3. A winning plan Nr. 1

(1) How do you evaluate this position?
(2) What is your plan?
(3) Winning lines?

r1q2rk1/3bb2p/p1p1ppp1/1p1pP3/1P1P1P1P/1NPB2P1/P5K1/R2Q3R w - - 0 19

1) White is winning. He has more space, and his knight is better than either black bishop, and the white pawns complement the white bishop.
2) The first plan would be to open the h file and storm in before black can bring his rook over to help protect or the king to escape to the queenside. An alternate plan would be to play ef6 and saddle black with a backward pawn and a bad bishop, although I don't think that this is enough in this position.
3) I'm not going to show many, long lines without setting up a board first, but just the beginning is :
19. h5 f5
20. hg6 hg6
21. g4
blasting open the kingside. The attack looks promising, but I think black can neutralize the h-file.

Thank you so much! This is very helpful!