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  3. a brilliant trick at Move 20

hello. Check out a very nice trick I pulled out accidentally on move 21 and 22 that won me this blitz game quickly.

That went pretty cool, however I think 23. Bxe2 (note that the bishop can take the knight actually; your opponent just missed that) instead of 23. Kh1?? would‘ve lead to an almost equal position.

@Roadto2_1k yeah you are right. But thanks to my opponent i got to pull off this trick.

So, basicaly it was just a fluke, and a blunder by your opponent. Not a "brilliant trick", after all..

@novexo every brilliancy depends on the opponent's blunder - Hussain

@hussainindia Yea, the more stupid is your opponent, the more brilliant you are. Lol Great logic.

@novexo exactly