+ 2 in classical today, crossed 1600 first time

Pretty okay games, but there are plenty of notes to be taken, especially considering your pawn moves. In the first game, when you opponent played 15...Nxd5 you captured with the c pawn which resulted in a very VERY bad light squared bishop for you, and eventually you tried to solve it through moves that led to you having doubled-isolated pawns and an isolated pawns all by himself, and the only thing that saved you in that situation was your opponent missing this weakness, not picking up the free pawn on d5 and mis-playing the position in general by allowing rook trades. The second game was a little bit of bad at the opening with you allowing the knight fork on your queen and dark squared bishop; this is generally a nightmare for black in the b3 opening because white's dark squared bishop is scary strong without a competitor, but again you got lucky since for some reason your opponent decided to give away that advantage. Rest of the game was great play by you, b5 wasn't really a pleasant move to look at because it blocked the last good place for your light squared bishop, but since your opponent ended up taking on c5, that allowed you to activate your rooks and you certainly made sure to take full advantage of that. My last bit of criticism was when you played R2c7. Like dude, that move was very low energy, it showed that you were scared of attacking and that allowed white to get his fighting chances back. His queen was completely out of the game there, you should've left it right where it's at and instead went for an attack with your queen, checking the open king until he's cornered(Qg6-Qe4, etc) and then instead of R2c7 playing R2c6!! where the rook looks to occupy the G file and seize the last of the king's breath, meanwhile his queen is too far off the board to get to catch up on defense. You just can't have your opponent's king exposed like that and look to play defense and you should always realize when your opponent's pieces are far away from the king which just has the board screaming at you to start an attack. That's all I have to say; good games, but also very lucky; you still got long ways to go, but I can see some very brilliant ideas coming from your thinking, you just need to realize when to not be scared and go all in.

@Ezzy3 Thank you for feedback, R2c6, learning to recognize the advantages over a weakened king is a weakness I will improve. Thats an example of when I have not converted an advantage. Thank you for pointing out the bad bishop I made and allowing a knight fork opportunity.

^^ poise under pressure :)

Congratulations on getting to 1600 in Classical, @morphyms1817!! I know you've been working hard to improve!

Hey! @morphyms1817
Game 1. 6 Bd2 is not a good alternative, as it allow Nd4,simply what he played, I would have waited and played Be3 or Ne2.
4. e4, I say this is a mistake, as it allows Nd4, note the position is symmetrical before that and you then allow this, doesn't seem right.
(Black) 8. Nd7 was good, it allows Ne5 and the knight is too strong, stronger than White's Queen at that point.
(Black) 12. a6 is an inaccuracy, your opponent is challenging you and saying 'I am better.', whereas a6 made his bishop more passive. You can play d4 and d5 and his bishop hardly is doing something, whereas your bishop finds a good diagonal, guess it?
Yes, your are right, even your bishop doesn't have anything great, just try doing g3 and Bg2 worst-case, the bishop lies better than opponent's bishop!
16. cxd5, no comments, our plan of making the other bishop went on our side, exd5 was better, it also takes bishops b5 square.
(Black) 16.f5 Black played this excellently, yes it allows a backward bishop move and then the bishop is active!
Like suppose 17.exf5 gxf518.Qe2, and I don't feel Black is even worse, if anyone can blast something out of nothing here, it will be black.
I thing after that in this game, many mistakes and blunders happen, I think you get them, they will be easy to understand, tough to find!

Sorry, I can't do something about the second game, my mind is full now!