5 Boosters to Speed Up Your Chess Growth

Why did you insert 100 extra newlines? Making the text basics unreadable. Open a book and watch how it should look before typing on www again
"hidden" behind the fake wholesome vibe this is toxic AF, like most of your posts. I don't think I'll convince anyone who cann't see it themselves, but this kind of BS can be harmfull to people without them even realizing it.

But you don't have to clone Musks brain, you already operate on a similar principle : contribute nothing, but let your nothing be shiny with the hope that people think you are a genius.

I mean, musks trick worked on you so no wonder you think it's a good trick.

Writing is not for the ignorant.
I'm pretty sure you don't care, but you should educate yourself before writing this kind of things. You are good at chess. You would probably write sensible things if you wrote about chess. But you are not writing about chess, rather about motivational strategies. And there you have obviously no idea what you are talking about. You probably don't even know what survivorship biais is, even though basically half what you write is your intuition falling for it.

Anyways, Stay sharp people, and don't fall for traps, neither in game nor on blogs.
The first person you can think of to replace your brain with is Elon Musk... Did you write this blog post from a broken down cybertruck you paid $100,000 for?