9 Chess Tips I Wish I Knew in My Teenage Years

What to do against big rating changes. e.g. my ELO was 1894 in May but now i have 1734 but my national rating raised up 500 points since 1year and a month. ( I am 15) My DWZ is 1745 now.
Its Reality.This article can make anyone a GM OR IM if they want to.What a Article!!
This article gives some very good advice, I like it.
Very true I should keep that in mind because I'm only ten yrs old
I want to share my experience. I'm from Colombia, here the chess is the most bored sport and ridiculous occupation that you can do. For so much people chess is really a waste of time, including my parents. In my childhood I felt in love with chess, I practiced a lot and learn so much by my own and thanks to the training of a teacher in my school. During one or two years my father helped me paying to the trainer to train me; my father never have liked chess, but at least he helped me a little carrying me to a few tournaments. To my mother chess is just a waste of time and never helped me with it. Now (2024) I am 24 years old, I'm looking for a job and I wake up very early at the morning (4 am). I went to university and I resign to study, I really hated the university and I did not get the professional title. I have been working but just in occasional jobs; that's why now I'm looking for a stable job. I train daily early in morning and sometimes very late at night. I know I left chess during that time I was in university, but I really love chess. Because of that, I am looking for a job to pay more training with my previous trainer and to go to tournaments. Now I don't have so pressure from my parents, and I have the knowledge and my computer to train by myself. I really feel gratitude to my father because his help giving me money to the tournaments and training, but his pressure was really stifling and he always wanted victories, but in that moment I was competing against childs with 4 or more years of training and they had the best masters of my region. I, however, just was training during 3 years and one of those years I trained by my own with an old book and videos. Really I want to be FM and now I am working for that. I have Elo FIDE but it is just 1738 in rapids, because I played really few tournaments and some of them were no IRT.
To finish, my dream is to be a professional chess player, to be GM. I know guys, I know, it is hard, really hard. But now I can do it without depend of anybody. And, parents, please, don't be so stressful with the kids and do not press them. When I was kid I did not have so much friends and always I was studying, so I had not enough time to train anyways because my father hated see me training in home, because I had to help in house chores in addition to my homeworks from the school. I have envied childs that can train and play chess to be GM before they are 18 years old. But I am from Colombia, my reality is this. So, I'll continue training to be the chess player I want to be. Thanks for reading and sorry for my english, I am spanish language speaker. Bye.