Endgame roadmap: 9 strategies on how to play chess endgames

Man, I needed this. I just bleed pawns in endgames and every endgame tutorial I can find is like, "here's the Lucena and Philidor positions you never see in real life."
I like this, thank you.

What are the four types of strong passed pawns? Are there references to this topic?
Yeah, the Lucena and Philidor positions are rarely seen in real life. What I think is the best way to learn is whenever you play a game that ends up going to the endgame, analyze the game with the chess engine. It doesn't always have to be a deep analysis, just going through and seeing what the chess engine says you missed can be helpful.

I like to do this thing where after the game is over, I will try out different moves in the endgame, and then I will continue on ignoring the moves the chess engine suggests and playing the moves I naturally would have played. Then for my opponents moves I play the moves the chess engine suggests, unless the move is some unnatural, super IQ, chess engine move. As I continue on like this I will see why my moves would get me in trouble, and why the chess engine's moves make a lot more sense. Wherever there is a big drop in the evaluation bar, I go back and look at what the chess engine suggested I do instead. This is how I learn to play endgames.