TV Concept: Rarely Discussed Topic in Chess

I like the one theme focus, and the effort is mnemonic sharing. I don't care that much that it might have a source elsewhere, if at least it is self-contained in its presentation. What caught my eye, was Marcozy bind for having seeing the pawn structure name of it. And the low visibility claim about pervasive literature. I did not get at first the TV concept was pedagogical suggestion about the board features.. I tend to have a reflex of skipping when I see "TV", on lichess. Selective attention bias learned.. can be a bit blunt tool at times.. When I get back to looking at pawn structure I will come back here.. I am so bad with names and opening moves sequence promising to get me to some playable position where I can start play chess, that I need to fuss about it like here, to put that in my index. There are worst blog offers, that are meant to pull you out of here.. This one has always given some content that can hold on its own. We should be surgical in our getting tired of the same.... I miss original lichess content from all sorts of lichess forum participants... too.