Arnolio vs. City of England (Caleb)

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Here is how the most recent match against Caleb. It was a decisive victory for my opponent who had strong moves early on that put the game away. I must do better next time against this very formidable opponent, since his game seems to have improved.
Our first match ended in the draw although Caleb was in a dominant position through most of the match. However earlier in the match I allowed him a take back on a move that would have given me instant checkmate. Grrrrrrrrr lol
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Here is the current match..Still close, but Caleb is on attack with black early.
Another game versus my rival, Caleb. Another decisive defeat. My opponent was able to once again coordinate his forces into an attack that opened up my game and applied relentless pressure. With Caleb in full control of center, a pawn pushing up the middle applying winning pressure,.. and being behind in material and my forces in no position to do any damage, I gave up on my game and let time run out since I was vacationing and saw no point in continuing the match. Congratulations Caleb for another dominant performance. I definitely have to improve my game in order to remain competitive with this rival.

Here is the link to my opponent's most recent victory.
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