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NM blitzbullet

"The Expert in everything was once a beginner" - Helen Hayes

Location United States
Hourly rate$40
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

I am currently a student at Dartmouth College and have coached chess for the past five years. I achieved National Master at the 2014 National High School Championship. My play-style revolves around unconventionality with flairs of creativity and aggressiveness. In addition to standard chess, I specialize in both crazyhouse and bughouse, but am well-versed in all variants. I look forward to being able to help you in all your chess endeavors to the best of my ability.

Playing experience

USCF: 2270
FIDE: 2130

USCF National Master

Teaching experience

I've been teaching online chess for roughly 5 years now, but I've also taught real life classes for chess. My students range in all skill levels and I am eager to help anyone with a passion for the game.

Best skills

- Tactics and Endgames
- Opening Preparation
- Crazyhouse/Bughouse
- Other Variants

Teaching methodology

Along with online coaching, I also provide students with homework to reinforce key concepts from our lessons.