WIM Cami3 lichess coach

WIM Camelia Ciobanu

Chess is like dancing, you need the right partner in order to improve! :)

LocationEmerald Coast Italy
LanguagesEnglish, Italian, Romanian
RatingFIDE: 213619641814
Hourly rateTo be advised
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

I am a 34-year-old passionate chess player and teacher, this year representing for the first time a team in Sicily. Besides chess, I work in the Wellness field, promoting Italian natural products based on an exclusive olive leaves' infusion, world-renowned for the benefits it brings to one's health and well-being. Still professionally speaking, I have a bachelor's degree in Communication and Public Relations and I deeply like Advertising and the Art of Rhetoric. Personally, my main interests are the biblical studies and the motivational literature, I enjoy writing, dancing, playing around with my pets, traveling and befriending all over the world.

Playing experience

Starting to play in tournaments at the age of 8, I witnessed a rapid and constant growth, winning 3 National Champion titles before the age of 20 and plenty other gold medals at the National Team Champs, culminating with being the European Champion under 18 together with my team. During my chess career I had the privilege to play in several European and World Chess Championships and also I was thrilled to be able to win numerous competitions both in my country and abroad. Since I moved out to Italy, on the beautiful island of Sardinia, I played mostly in that area and there I discovered the great world of chess online.

Teaching experience

As a trainer I taught chess in two schools in Romania and in a high school and community center in Italy, besides the private lessons and the courses I held in different chess clubs. Last year I started to hold training sessions online, helping people around the world to improve their playing performance and deepening their understanding in the matter of chess logic. It is a very pleasant experience to connect to people from different continents, with different cultures, speaking the same language of... chess. Chess is a great tool to keep one's mind in a constant exercise of thinking, which maintain the brain active and young. We all want that! :)

Teaching methodology

Is it necessary to learn by heart endless openings? How can I find the right move in a given position? How do I know when to attack and when to defend, and how do I do that? Do I need to master all kinds of endgames? How do I get better at chess? These are some questions we endeavor to find the answer to and that together. I would like to see how you play and what are the factors influencing your decision-making during the game. We will discover how to play by respecting not only the rules and the opponent, but also following specific principles that help you guide on the road of success. A true master is one who first masters himself.