Titled Prize Tournament!


A titled tournament with a prize pool of $1000!

We are excited to announce a pro prize tournament, limited to FIDE titled and NM players. The tournament will feature stiff competition and a $1000 prize pool. We will also host a warmup event directly before, hyperbullet with a $100 pool, open to all.

Main event

When: December 14th, 21:00 UTC

Format: 1+0 Bullet arena, 2 hour duration

Prizes: (1) $500, (2) $250, (3) $125, (4) $75, (5) $50

Participation requirement: FIDE or NM verified title

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When: December 14th, 20:00 UTC

Format: 30s Hyperbullet arena, 45 min duration

Prizes: (1) $50, (2) $30, (3) $20

Participation requirement: Open to all!

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Practical information

If you are new to Lichess, it's important to become familiar with the arena format. Read our FAQ, try out a tournament in advance, or check out the warm up tourney. Arena points are awarded based on the number of games you win. You can late-join, withdraw or rejoin at any time.

Prizes will be awarded at most 3 days after the event, through either PayPal or with equivalent currency in bitcoin (your choice). In the event of a tie, the prize(s) will be split.

Title verification

To participate in the Titled Arena, you need a verified titled account. To do so, create an account if needed here. Then take a picture of a photo ID or document and send it to, along with your Lichess username and a link to your FIDE profile (or use any of the other verification methods). Please do this asap, so we can verify your account in time for the tournament. No later than 48 hours before tournament start (December 12th, 21:00 UTC).

As usual, games are monitored for cheating. Users found to violate our fair play policy will be disqualified from the tournament and banned.