Chess Marathon #1

Thibault DuplessisAnnouncements

24 hours of chess. Do you have what it takes to win?

[Update] Epic failure

Alright, so that didn't work: the server said "no".

This first marathon is a victim of its success. After 7 hours of activity, dealing with 530 persons in a single tournament playing no less than 4883 games was just too much. The server CPU was burning, something was wrong.

So I had to shut down the marathon in order to restore lichess normal health.

I am very very very sorry about that, and I apologize to all players. I know you prepared for that, I know you're sleepy and dismayed. Believe me, so am I.

So here we are, it's over. You can go to sleep now - I certainly want to.

We'll do it again. After that server stuff is dealt with.


We're delighted to introduce a new event, the awesomest in the history of the chess marathon!

This is a lichess arena blitz tournament. Except it lasts 24 hours. It is a battle of endurance, where the will and resistance of players will be put to the proof!

The winner gets the unique blue globe trophy on their profile page forever; pretty much like the Way of Berserk trophy. Top ten players and top fifty also receive a trophy!

  • When does it start? This Sunday 7th June, starting at 0:00 AM GMT. See the marathon page for your timezone.
  • Who can enter? Everybody! Click "Join" on the marathon page (you need to sign in).
  • What are the games settings? 5+0 rated, standard chess, random color.
  • How does the tournament work? You get paired automatically with opponents close to you in the tournament standing. Read more about lichess arena tournaments.
  • Can I sleep? Yes, just withdraw the tournament. You can join back later and keep all your points.
  • Is coffee/tea authorized? Yes, you're going to need it.
  • Is cheating authorized? No, it will get you a swift ban as usual.
  • Don't you think this is unhealthy? Indeed. We decline all responsibility in case of epic tilt.
  • What are the prizes? The winner takes the unique blue globe trophy home. Top ten players and top fifty also receive a trophy.

If you can't play this marathon, worry not, there will be others, later on.

Now train and rest before the event starts! May the best and craziest of us be victorious!