No progress towards a winner in London after game 3

Another long game with no winner.

The position on the board after 10 moves in game 3 of the World Championship match between Fabiano Caruana and Magnus Carlsen will look very familiar. It's a very similar Rossolimo setup to the one that Caruana used in game 1, which was generally agreed to not be a success for Caruana.

Fabi tried a very different plan in this game, expanding on the queen side, and he may have been a bit better but the game was never very far from equilibrium. After trading down to a minor piece endgame it seemed that Magnus may have had the seed for one of his 100+ move grinding victories but IM Eric Rosen ran a little experiment that strongly suggested Caruana was never really in much danger:

After being slightly tortured for 50+ moves, I managed to draw Stockfish level 8 on @lichess from Fabiano's current position. Somehow, I feel accomplished.
--- Eric Rosen (@IM_Rosen) November 12, 2018

On move 48 Caruana spotted a way to reach a "wrong bishop" position and the game was immediately drawn.

All of the games of the World Championship can be watched live on lichess here. Game 4 will be Tuesday, all game begin at 15:00 UTC

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