King Leonakis meets Caissa

Casey Kiel

Caissa's Revenge

ChessChess variant
unabashed self-promotion - well, sort of

I wanted to share with you a game I created.

It's called Caissa's Revenge. It's a chess-based card game which is helpful for teaching chess as well as just a fun game all on its own. Like all good things in life, there's a backstory. I plan to take that backstory and make a Kindle Novella out of it - I'll let you know when it's done.

Quick primer on how to play Caissa’s Revenge

Although the game comes with rule cards, it may help to have a more verbose version of the instructions. This should also clarify any confusion when it comes to proper play. I hope to have a YouTube video on this soon, so keep checking our Facebook Page

The rules and instructions are on 8 cards, with checkered backs. Remove the rule cards before play.

This is a two-player game. One player should take the Black deck and the other the White deck. Each of these decks has an inventory card. Find and remove that card from the deck.

Each deck has a King. Find the King and place it in front of you, face up. Your choice of how you wan it to face, but I like to have all of my pieces facing me so I can read them easier. The playing field (board) is a 5 x 5 (imaginary) grid. Your King is on the first row, closest to you, in the center of the row (you have two columns/files to the left and two to the right of the King. There are only three rows between your King and your opponent’s King.

You can never directly place a Piece from your hand onto the first or last rows of the field.

Each deck has 32 Piece cards (31 if you don’t count the King) and 8 specialty cards. You need to thoroughly shuffle/mix your deck before play. You want the cards to be in as random an order as possible. As you play more (and reshuffle each time), it should become better mixed.

Deal out 6 cards to yourself. Check them. You need to have at least 3 Piece (pictures) cards. If you don’t Replace the cards in the deck, reshuffle and try again.

Once you have six cards and three or more are Piece cards, select three of these Piece cards and place them FACE DOWN in front of your King.

You are now ready to play.

NOTE: You should never actually handle your opponent’s cards. If you want to read a card your opponent uses, ask them to let you see it (hold it) and then hand it back. Otherwise let your opponent discard or move their own cards.

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