The Training Method For Success Revealed: How I Achieved It?

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“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”

I've been playing chess internationally for more than a decade, with various coaches and periods of self-training. Knowing both worlds, I believe that asking the right questions is the key. I discovered a secret that has truly transformed my life. Maybe you would like to take some notes, because, again, THIS SECRET CHANGED MY LIFE.

I was watching Youtube when Jim Rohn said something that resonated with me: "What's got you turned on?" So, I thought: When was I winning? Why am I losing now? These questions impacted in how I see the world now. The reason my training sessions were effective was that I TRAINED. Yes, the reason I was winning was because I TRAINED. It may seem obvious, but it holds the key of success. I TRAINED

I had one of the best chess teachers in the world (My coach G.K. In my opinion is the best) when I was just 8 years old. I dedicated my entire day to training, whether it was playing, solving exercises, or attending classes. As a result, I became the second-best chess player in America in 2012. However, when I turned 9, I became more interested in playing video games all day rather than training. Naturally, I didn't get great results during that phase. I had a mindset that relied on luck and waiting for miracles.

Steven gets the 2nd place in the Pan-American (2012)

At the age of 15, I challenged myself to wake up 4 hours very early in the morning every day to study chess openings. While my training method was the worst that has ever existed, I had a fierce determination to study every single day. And guess what? I emerged as the Pan-American School Chess Champion in 2019.

Steven Rojas gets the 1st place in Pan-American School Chess Championship (2019)

In summary, through my personal experience, I have learned that more than technique, a great teacher, or the availability of internet resources, it is the hard work and dedication what truly matters. It's not about daydreaming while seated in front of the board, but about being fully concentrated in our training sessions in order to achieve our desire results.

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