The Game-Changing Advice I Wish I Received in My Youth

Use it or lose it

I want to share with you a secret method that has helped me achieve incredible things. Many of you might be wondering, "Steven, I train every day, but I can't seem to get the desired results." Good point! You created a good question. Jim Rohn would be proud of you. So, we go for what I consider the 2nd step.

Inspired by Jim Rohn, I have adopted a new philosophy "use it or lose it." Allow me to explain how this mindset transformed my approach to learning and experiencing success. When I was younger, I will spend several hours training. However, I would often keep my lines or ideas in secret, fearing that sharing it would diminish my advantage in the future. Big mistake! How could I expect to retain everything I had learned if I never put it to use?

Last year, during my friendly games with the younger generation in my country, I couldn't help but notice a recurring mistake they were making. They were keeping his lines in secret! It was quite disheartening to witness this pattern unfold.

if you don't use, you lose! It's a law.

So, if I learn any game, any new opening, new strategies or whatever I immediately try to use it by teaching or playing games. Because if we don't use...

Dear friends, motivation alone isn't enough. Remember, motivation is like a flame; if not kindled regularly, it will fade away. Because, if we don't use the motivation... Yes, we lose it.

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