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Ever suspect your opponent of cheating online? It’s a terrible feeling, leaving you powerless.

You start second-guessing your own moves and see ghosts with every move they play. Being in the wrong mindset, you play so badly that it doesn’t even matter if they cheat.
You blunder and lose the game.

But here’s the surprising truth: for amateur chess players, cheaters might not matter as much as you think. With the right mindset, you can improve your game and enjoy chess, even in the presence of cheaters online.

Why Cheaters Don’t Block Your Path to Improvement

The recent storm of cheating accusations can make online chess feel paranoid. But as an amateur, you have a hidden advantage: you focus on improvement, not results.
Cheating might steal a win, but it can’t steal your learning. Every game, even against a cheater, is an opportunity to test your skills and identify areas for growth. Focus on that, and online cheaters become irrelevant.

Shift Your Focus, Enjoy the Game More

Worrying about cheaters distracts you from your true goal: enjoying chess and improving your skills. Instead, approach each game with a positive mindset, aiming for your best performance.
When a suspicion arises, keep your cool and tell yourself:
“I play to learn and enjoy the game. I want to focus on making the best moves possible.”

Spot a Cheater? Here’s What To Do

While cheaters shouldn’t be tolerated, don’t let them ruin your day. If you suspect foul play, report it to the platform and move on. Analyze your game for your own improvement, not to dwell on the cheater.
The less time and energy you waste on this single game where you might have lost to a cheater, the more time and energy you have to improve your game and enjoy chess.

Life’s Not Fair, But You Control Your Chess Journey

Let’s face it: life’s not always fair. Chess is no exception. Focus on what you can control: your learning, your attitude, and your enjoyment of the game. Don’t waste energy on things you can’t change.
Forget cheaters; embrace the challenge and enjoy the beautiful game of chess!

Keep improving,

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