Stockfish 14 has arrived!

Congratulations to the Stockfish team for the latest release of their world class engine! Stockfish 14 is now available for download, as always, 100% free/libre open-source software, just like Lichess.

The new version of Stockfish wins four times more game pairs than it loses against the previous version (+40 Elo, more in Chess960). Part of this comes from collaborating with Leela Chess Zero. See the official release announcement for more details and improvements.

Server-side analysis on Lichess updated

Stockfish 14+ server analysis

Many clients providing server-side analysis for Lichess have already been updated. If you are volunteering computing power using fishnet, please update to fishnet v2.3.3, so that everyone can enjoy Stockfish 14 analysis. Also, you are awesome.

Client-side analysis on Lichess

Stockfish 13+ client-side analysis

Stockfish 14's new NNUE architecture brings even larger network files. So for the time being, client-side analysis on Lichess will keep using Stockfish 13+ (or the strongest classical version ever, Stockfish 11+, aka SF_Classical, if NNUE is turned off or not available for your browser). In the future we may consider more advanced compression for network files, or specialized smaller networks for client-side analysis.

Update 20th August: Stockfish 14 NNUE is now available for client side analysis, thanks to Sopel97's 4x smaller net.

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