It doesnt even show the pain I am going through adding two gear playstyle.

The work has started.

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Another week of my holidays for another bot I guess.

As my first bot has developed sucessfully just some minor changes remain. I have started working on another more serious bot. I have started experimenting with depth and alpha-beta pruning. I have decided to use this bot as my test subjevt for experiments. I am trying to add a two gear playstyle. Two gear playstyle works on eval. If the eval is against the bot it will start playing extremely defensively. I have not yet decided at which eval point it should go with but the idea sounds interesting to me. I have started doing some research on very defensive bots to know how they play and blunder. One point that is clear to me is defensive bots that play very defensively will miss wins quite often reducing the overall playing strength. To make this not a major issue I am trying to find the sweet spot. If the eval is in bot's favour it will play positionally and not aggressively at all. I am also thinking of making it play very aggressively after a certain eval. I am also thinking of not adding any opening book so it plays on its own thinking. I really am not worried of it playing poorly. It will pave the way for me to enhance the two gear playstyle and even add the ability to play against itself for training.
Until next upload of the blog peace out.