My first chess bot.

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It is fun and scary at the same time!

As my exams are over. I decided to make a bot on Lichess in my free time. I had designed the code and algorithm but needed a guy to help me in this. This is when I found @HeckerIGH he helped me develop the bot. I was always the man of sacrifices. I made the algorithm to sacrifice as much as it can. I want to get the BOTs no.1 rapid and I know it is very hard but trying is free so why not. I want the bot to be stronger than me atleast. I am a 1985 guy so atleast 2200 is good for the bot. It will run on engine developed by @HeckerIGH. Now that I have entered the World of Bots. It feels more interesting than normal chess itself. It is like watching your child become what you wanted to become yourself . I will keep you guys updated when the bot will release. The bot is aggressive as Mikhail Tal is my second favourite player. Soon I am thinking to make a positional bot as a tribute to the legendary Bobby Fischer. I hope my creations will keep my legacy if I ever quit this site. If you want help from someone I maybe able to help you. @Likeawizard is a great guy too he gave me some basics of UCI and I have even challenged him to a bot vs bot. Let's see what will happen.Until then peace out.